Hello ! We are Ben and Kassie, we're very excited to meet you ! :)

We're a French-Canadian couple living in the north of France. We fell in love in Canada in Kassie’s hometown and we are strong believers that love has no limits !  It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what language you speak or what your age is… love is love. 

We are very passionate about photography; we adore capturing those fun and intimate moments between two lovers and also simply documenting our lives. We have both travelled a lot in the last few years so we just looove meeting new people from all over the world and discovering new places !! To travel the world together while meeting people as in love as us… that’s the dream ! We are not materialistic and that’s one of the reasons why we love taking photos. A photo can tell a thousand words and it’s a gift in the simplest form. It’s a memory that we hope to capture for you to have and to cherish for years to come... 

We take pride in being a little bit on the crazier side, jamming to music in the car and singing our hearts out to Mumford & Sons, eating five types of cheese in one sitting, but we also love sharing those moments of solitude and cuddling up in bed for hours when there’s a million other things to do…

So go ahead, send us your emotions, we promise you some laughs, many photos and memories that will last you an eternity !

Talk to you soon, 

Ben & Kassie 

*    *    *

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